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Título: Argentina to hold sub-regional training on consumer product safety
Resumo: The Consumer Protection Direction of Argentina will host a sub-regional training workshop on consumer product safety in the City of Buenos Aires, in the framework of the Consumer Safety and Health Network (CSHN). The date of the activity will be announced shortly.

The objective of the training is to prepare competent national authorities to implement national consumer product safety systems. The activity seeks to strengthen the institutional capacity of relevant government agencies through the identification of common criteria for action by learning relevant concepts of risk assessment, processes and case studies, as well as the challenges and opportunities for the generation and dissemination of rapid alerts at the national level and its communication to the regional rapid alerts system at the OAS, while promoting a systemic, coordinated and interdisciplinary approach.

The participants at the Workshop will include, among other, numerous representatives of agencies with competences in the subject of Argentina and several CSHN counterparts from Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay, in order to promote a sub-regional dialogue on the subject and share best practices in establishing mechanisms for coordination on consumer product safety. Also, the Spanish Agency for Consumer, Food Security and Nutrition (AECOSAN) will contribute to the training in the framework of the memorandum of understanding it subscribed with the OAS to strengthen the work of the CSHN in the Americas.

Mercosur. In a Joint Communication in December 2014, the Presidents of the States Parties of MERCOSUR had welcomed "the rapid realization of the pilot tests of the Inter-American Rapid Alerts System (SIAR) of the Organization of American States, implementing, thereby, an alert procedure for the removal of products and services considered potentially harmful or dangerous to consumers (recalls)."
Data da Publicação: 23 mar, 2015
País(es): Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Paraguai, Uruguai