Air freshener

Código SIAR: 6781
Categoria: Produtos de Limpeza / Higiene
Fonte: RAPEX
URL da Fonte:
Data da Publicação: 16 dez, 2010
Países Afetados: Spain
País de Origem do Produto: China
Descrição do Produto: Air freshener in penguin-shaped container; the transparent lower part houses the air freshener pearls. The container is a blister pack with a transparent front through which the product can be seen.
Marca do Produto: Crystal Air Freshener Series, Crystal Air
Tipo / Número do Modelo: Type/number of model: Ref 07670 (apple and lemon aromas) Barcode: 843085207670007670
Descrição do Defeito: The product poses a chemical risk because it contains Ethanol, 2-tert-Butylcyclohexanol and acetato o-tert Butylcyclohexanol and, having an appearance and a shape likely to attract or arouse the active curiosity of children, it is likely to be treated as a toy.

The product does not comply with the national legislation.
Riscos: Químico
Medidas: Withdrawal from the market ordered by the authorities