Set of baby’s rattles – Baby Rattles

Código SIAR: 6726
Categoria: Jogos / Brinquedos
Fonte: RAPEX
Data da Publicação: 11 nov, 2010
Países Afetados: Slovakia
País de Origem do Produto: China
Descrição do Produto: Set of baby’s rattles comprising 5 pieces of multicoloured plastic rattles in shapes of animals, foot and star. Packed in a transparent bag closed with cardboard fastener with pictures of rattles and baby, marking BABY RATTLES, logo Innocuity, warnings and others.
Marca do Produto: Baby Rattles, Innocuity
Tipo / Número do Modelo: EAN code: 5900232803354
Número do Lote / Código de Barras: Type/number of model: NO. 5314A, product number: NGZ 6693219,
Descrição do Defeito: The product poses a risk of choking because:

- the rattles contain small parts that can be easily detached and swallowed by children,

- the parts of the rattles protrude through the base of template A.

The product does not comply with the Toys Directive and with the relevant European standard EN 71.
Riscos: Engasgo
Medidas: Sales ban and withdrawal from the market ordered by the authorities