Passenger car

Código SIAR: 6655
Categoria: Veículos, peças e acessórios
Fonte: RAPEX
Data da Publicação: 04 nov, 2010
Países Afetados: Portugal
País de Origem do Produto: Sweden
Descrição do Produto: Passenger car
Marca do Produto: Passenger car, Volvo
Número do Lote / Código de Barras: Type/number of model: S80, V70, XC70, XC60 (5-cylinder diesel engine, D5244T14); model year 2010. See link for VIN's:
Descrição do Defeito: The use of biodiesel fuel blends may lead to increased engine oil level due to fuel dilution of the engine oil. If the engine oil level rises over the maximum level as indicated by the oil level gauge on the instrument panel it may eventually reach a level where the oil could enter the cylinders and act as fuel. In a worst case scenario this may lead to maintained or increased engine speed, potentially leading to engine breakdown. If this happens while driving it may lead to a road accident.
Riscos: Lesões e laceração
Medidas: Voluntary corrective actions taken by the manufacturer