Lorex video monitors models LW2751, LW2752 and LW2962H

Código SIAR: 28411
País Notificante: Estados Unidos da América
URL da Fonte:
Data da Publicação: 12 jun, 2018
País de Origem do Produto: China
Unidades: About 22,000 (In addition, 4,300 were sold in Canada)
Fabricante: RDI Technology (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd, of China
Distribuidor: Best Buy stores nationwide and online at and other websites from April 2014 through March 2017. The video monitors were sold in bundles for between $150 and $330.
Descrição do Defeito: This recall involves Lorex brand video monitors models LW2751, LW2752 and LW2962H used with surveillance video systems. The video monitors are black and were sold in two sizes; 7 inch wide by 5 inches tall and 9 inches wide by 6 inches tall. The video monitors contain a blue lithium polymer battery. “LOREX” is printed on the top left of the monitor screen. The model and serial numbers are printed on the top or on the back panel of the monitors. Only monitors with the following model and serial numbers are included in the recall. Model Numbers Monitor Size Serial Number Ranges LW2751 7 inch WA01140315501-WA01140319000 WA02140417501-WA02140419000 WA0314050251-WA0314051250 WA0314060001-WA0314061500 WA03140627347-WA03140629346 WA03141222601-WA03141223169 WA04141223170-WA04141223350 LW2752 7 inch WA01140422265-WA01140423264 WA0214065501-WA0214066500 WA02140629347-WA02140630346 WA03141121501-WA03141122000 LW2962H 9 inch WA01140329001-WA01140332400 WA02140419001-WA021404220500 WA02140422001-WA02140422100 WA0314051251-W0314053250 WA0314061501-WA0314061618 WA0414061619-WA0414063000 WA04140623347-WA04140625346 WA0514112501-WA0514114000 WA05141122501-WA05141125000 ​​
Acidentes Reportados: The firm has received 328 reports of the monitor battery overheating and/or expanding. No injuries have been reported.
Recomendações / Avisos: Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled monitors and contact Lorex for instructions on receiving a full refund.
Informações Adicionais: Lorex toll-free at 844-265-7388 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or online at and click on “Product Recalls” for more information.