Wismec Exo Skeleton Vaporizers

Código SIAR: 28295
Categoria: Eletrônicos, computadores e equipamentos audiovisuais
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Data da Publicação: 20 abr, 2018
País de Origem do Produto: China
Descrição do Produto: This recall involves Wismec Exo Skeleton vaporizers. The products can be identified by their steel frame cage. These vaporizers come with two or three replaceable batteries with code "18650" whose maximum output can reach 200W or 300W. The recalled vaporizers have model number ES300, a 7-digit serial number (S/N) prefix ranging from 6046771 to 6212845, UPC code: 6970470011599 and P/N: W084. The serial number prefix appears on the warranty card and the label of the product box.
Fabricante: Shenzhen Wismec Electronics Co., Ltd.
Baoan District