Mini Shadowy Stand Lamps

Código SIAR: 23085
Categoria: Equipamentos de iluminação
País Notificante: Estados Unidos da América
URL da Fonte:
Data da Publicação: 15 fev, 1974
Nível de Risco: Grave
Fabricante: Nancy Sales
Descrição do Defeito: Mini Shadowy Stand Lamp - Third Warning NEWS from CPSC U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Office of Information and Public Affairs Washington, DC 20207 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   February 15, 1974   Release # 74-009 CPSC Issues Third Warning on Electric Shock Hazard in Lamp WASHINGTON, D.C. (Feb. 15)--The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission today learned that an additional 7,200 of the hazardous "Mini Shadowy Stand" lamps have been purchased by consumers from the Nancy Sales Company, 267 Medford Street, Charlestown, Massachusetts. In its third warning to consumers, the Commission urged purchasers of the lamp to discontinue use because it contains defects which could result in fatal electric shock. Consumers are warned to use "extreme care" in disconnecting the lamp plug from electrical outlets and to avoid touching any metal objects while doing so. The lamps imported from Taiwan and retailing for $1.99 are designed to cast shadows of various shapes on walls when in use and have been advertised as a "sensuous light show" and providing a "sea of whirling colors." The lamps have been sold in gift shops, discount stores, retail shops, carnival outlets, and mail order houses on the East Coast over the last four months. Further imports of the lamp have been halted, and the Company has agreed to refund the full purchase price on all returns, including cost of postage.
Riscos: Choque elétrico
Tipo de Medida: Voluntário