Craftsman Multi-Speed Scroller Saws; Sears Craftsman Commercial Auto Scroller Saws

Código SIAR: 22796
Categoria: Ferramentas manuais e eléctricas
País Notificante: Estados Unidos da América
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Data da Publicação: 18 jan, 1985
Fabricante: Ranco Electric; Singer; Sears
Descrição do Defeito: Scroller Saws Recalled by Singer NEWS from CPSC U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Office of Information and Public Affairs Washington, DC 20207 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 18, 1985   Release # 85-004 Recall Of Scroller Saws With Replacement Circuit Boards (Washington, D.C.) -- The Singer Company, Stamford, Connecticut and Ranco Electric, Irving, Texas, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, today announced the recall of any Sears Craftsman Commercial Auto Scroller Saws, Model No. 315.26750 and Craftsman Multi-Speed Scroller Saws, Model No. 315.26710 which have previously been repaired with this replacement circuit board. Saws which have been repaired with this replacement circuit board could pose an electrical shock hazard. Only saws of these two model numbers repaired since October, 1980 through June, 1984, are subject to recall. The model number for the saws may be found on the saw motor plate. These saws were sold through Sears stores and catalogs between 1968 and 1972 for an estimated $60.00 each. However, the only saws affected are approximately 1,600 which were repaired with the Ranco circuit board between October, 1980 and June, 1984. There have been no reports of accidents or injuries associated with the use of the saws repaired with the replacement circuit boards. Consumers should immediately stop using these saws and return them to the Customer Service Counter of their nearest Sears store. The circuit boards will be replaced at no charge. Anyone wishing additional information may call toll-free 800-845-4781 (or 800-922-7780 in South Carolina).