Ambassador 4-cup glass carafes from 4-cup Mini-Drip Coffee/Tea Makers; Hamilton Beach 4-cup glass carafes from 4-cup Mini-Drip Coffee/Tea Makers; J.C. Penney 4-cup glass carafes from 4-cup Mini-Drip Coffee and Tea Makers; Philips 4-cup glass carafes ...

Código SIAR: 22794
Categoria: Cozinha / acessórios de cozinha
País Notificante: Estados Unidos da América
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Data da Publicação: 13 mar, 1985
Fabricante: Philips; JC Penney; Hamilton Beach; Ambassador; Simpson-Sears
Descrição do Defeito: Glass Carafes Recalled by Hamilton Beach NEWS from CPSC U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Office of Information and Public Affairs Washington, DC 20207 FOR RELEASE March 13, 1985   Release # 85-012 Hamilton Beach Recalls 165,000 Glass Carafes And Agrees To Pay Civil Penalty Washington, D.C. -- In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the Hamilton Beach Division of Scovill Inc., Waterbury, Connecticut, today announced the recall of approximately 165,000 4-cup glass carafes sold with its Model 784 style 4-cup Mini-Drip Coffee and Tea Maker, manufactured between August 1980 and August 1981. Hamilton Beach has also agreed to pay the CPSC a civil penalty of $35,000 in settlement of allegations of the Commission staff, which are denied by the Company, that the Company violated the defect reporting requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Act. Chairman Terrence M. Scanlon and Commissioners Stuart M. Statler and Carol G. Dawson voted to accept the civil penalty settlement. Commissioner Saundra Brown Armstrong dissented from this decision. Under certain conditions, when picked up, the 4-cup glass carafe could slip from its metal handle ring and break, presenting a burn or laceration hazard. CPSC and Hamilton Beach are aware of approximately 260 incidents where a carafe of hot liquid separated from its handle resulting in more than 140 injuries of burns or cuts. The 4-cup coffeemaker and carafe were sold together in both the United States and Canada. While 403,000 of these products were originally produced, it is estimated that 165,000 units remain in use, including approximately 160,000 units in the United States and 5,000 units in Canada. The coffeemaker and carafe were sold in the United States under the Hamilton Beach name as Models 784, 785AL and I 779AL; under the J.C. Penney name as Model 2290, and under the Ambassador name as Model 62360. The coffeemaker and carafe were sold in Canada under the Simpson-Sears name as Models 67001 and 67002 and under the Philips name as Model HD5184 and HD5185. The product sold for approximately $24.00. Carafes subject to recall can be identified by a label on the bottom of the coffeemaker bearing one of the above listed model numbers and a date code stamped into the underside of the coffeemaker. Only date codes stamped 0880 through 0881 are applicable. The first two digits of the code represent the month and the last two the year of production. Either the letter W or C should appear after the four-digit date code. The recall is limited to the carafe only. The coffeemaker itself is not involved. Consumers who identify their carafe as being recalled should discontinue use of the carafe pending replacement by the Company. In order to obtain a free replacement carafe, consumers are advised to return the carafe, via parcel post, with their name and return address to: Hamilton Beach Division Scovill Inc. P.O. Box 2442 Washington, North Carolina 27889 Hamilton Beach will reimburse consumers for cost of mailing. Consumers with questions may call Hamilton Beach Toll-Free Hotline: l-800-334-2785 (Out of State), l-800-672-5872 (North Carolina).