Delta Luv Pop-Corn Baby Walkers

Código SIAR: 22450
Categoria: Artigos de puericultura e equipamentos infantis
País Notificante: Estados Unidos da América
URL da Fonte:
Data da Publicação: 20 ago, 1990
Fabricante: Delta Enterprise
Descrição do Defeito: August 20, 1990 Release # 90-144 Plastic Decals On Delta Baby Walker Present A Choking Hazard WASHINGTON, DC -- In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the New York State Attorney General's Office, Delta Enterprise Corporation is asking owners of Delta Luv Pop-Corn Baby Walkers, to immediately check, pull off and discard plastic and plastic-coated labels and decals from their walkers. The walkers have been associated with five incidents of choking. All five incidents occurred when children pulled off the decals found on the plastic toy dials on the walker trays and placed them in their mouths. The six colorful round decals, which measure about 1-1/2 inches in diameter, should be immediately removed if they can be easily dislodged. Labels that are firmly affixed at present should be checked periodically and removed if they become loose. Adults should also remove the plastic coated "Delta Luv" label with surrounding stripes found on the front of the tray. No complaints have been received about these labels. Approximately 100,000 of the walkers have been sold nationwide since 1984. The paper warning label located under the tray should not be removed. Any questions regarding this notice should be addressed to Delta Enterprise Corporation, 49 Junius Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11212. The company can also be reached on 718-385-1000 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and midnight Eastern Time