PTI Jaguar bicycle helmets

Código SIAR: 22055
Categoria: Hobby /equipamentos de lazer e desporto
País Notificante: Estados Unidos da América
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Data da Publicação: 24 abr, 1995
Fabricante: Toys R Us; Target; PTI
Descrição do Defeito: April 24, 1995 Release # 95-107 WASHINGTON, D.C. - CPSC, Protective Technologies International Inc. (PTI) of Yonkers, N.Y., is recalling 25,000 Jaguar bicycle helmets, model 3060. The helmet liners failed the manufacturer's head impact tests and may not prevent injuries.Jaguar white plastic helmets have 20 vent holes on the front, top and sides, a white plastic visor on the front, and black head and chin straps. The helmet is decorated with bright orange and yellow decals. A blue, square PTI label appears on the back of the helmet. The helmets were sold nationwide for $23.00 to $25.00 exclusively at Toys 'R' Us and Target Stores from September 1994 to January 1995. PTI Jaguar helmets manufactured since February 1995 which have a 1995 date sticker and a QC sticker inside are not affected by this recall.Consumers who own affected helmets should call PTI at (800) 515-0074 to receive a UPS tag to return the helmet to the company. PTI will send consumers a new helmet that meets safety standards