Monarch well pumps; Red Lion well pumps

Código SIAR: 22050
Categoria: Ferramentas manuais e eléctricas
País Notificante: Estados Unidos da América
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Data da Publicação: 02 mai, 1995
Fabricante: Saginaw Plumbing and Heating; D & B Supply; Mills Fleet Farm; Weber Industries; Monarch
Descrição do Defeito: May 2, 1995 Release # 95-114 WASHINGTON, D.C. - CPSC, Monarch Industries Inc. of Bloomington, Minn., is recalling approximately 250 Monarch and Red Lion well pumps. Due to an improper connection between the pressure switch and the motor, the unit is not grounded. As a result, the well pumps pose a severe hazard that could result in electric shock or, in extreme cases, electrocution.The well pumps, which cost less than $500.00, were sold to the following companies between December 1993 and April 1994: Mills Fleet Farm in Minnesota and Wisconsin; D and B Supply in Idaho, Saginaw Plumbing and Heating in Saginaw, Michigan; and Weber Industries in St. louis, Missouri. Consumers can identify whether their shallow or deep well pump is part of this recall by looking for the serial numbers and model numbers shown below on the nameplate on the pump casing:Serial Numbers:5093 5193 5293 0194 0294 0394 0494 05940694 0794 0894 0994 1094 1194 1294 1394Model Numbers: JKC-1 JKS-1 RLC-1 JKC-20 JKS-20 RLC-2 JKC-S2 JKS-30 RLC-2/RLI14H JKC-S2/JR44HS JKS-40 RLC-2MM JKC-S3 JKS-S2 RLC-3 JKC-S4 JKS-S3 RLCI-RL4H JKC1/JR-15S JKS-S4 RLC2/RL4H JKCS2/JR-15S JKS1/JR15S RLS-2 JKSS2/JR-15S Consumers who own one of the recalled pumps should not touch or attempt to remove the pump. If feasible, consumers should immediately turn off the power to the pump and call Monarch Industries at (800) 667-1457 to arrange for a serviceman to repair, replace, or refund the affected well pump free of charge.Neither CPSC nor Monarch is aware of any injuries involving this product. This recall is being conducted to prevent injuries and death. The company has already recovered approximately 1,150 units