MTC television sets

Código SIAR: 21999
Categoria: Eletrônicos, computadores e equipamentos audiovisuais
País Notificante: Estados Unidos da América
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Data da Publicação: 09 nov, 1995
Fabricante: MTC; GrandeTel Technologies
Descrição do Defeito: November 9, 1995 Release # 96-013 WASHINGTON, D.C.- CPSC, GrandeTel Technologies, Inc. of Richmond, B.C. Canada, (formerly known as MTC Electronic Technologies Co., Ltd.) is announcing a program to repair 45,000 television sets bearing the name "MTC." A resistor on the TV's main component board may overheat, resulting in a potential fire hazard.GrandeTel Technologies is aware of one recent incident in the United States in which the resistor overheated and created a fire. CPSC and GrandeTel Technologies are not aware of any injuries involving these television sets.The 13-inch color televisions have the brand name "MTC" on the lower left front cabinet. They were sold nationwide for up to $150 at small retailers and large merchandisers since November 1992. The repair recall program involves televisions with the following model and serial numbers located on the rear cabinet: MTV1428R (serial number beginning with "92"), MTV1428RF (serial number beginning with "93"), MTV1429RF (serial number beginning with "93"), MTV1428CC (serial number beginning with "93" and serial number 9403 212 00001 - 9410 212 20160), and MTV1429CC (serial number beginning with "93" and serial number 9405 113 00001 - 9408 213 01680).Consumers who own the recalled television sets should immediately stop using them and call GrandeTel Technologies' service center, Service Concept International (SCI), at (714) 836-4981 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. SCI will help consumers determine whether their television set is part of this recall and will arrange to repair the unit at no cost to the consumer