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País Notificante: Estados Unidos da América
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Data da Publicação: 09 nov, 1995
Fabricante: Dubl Duck; P&K Trading; Mercantile Wholesale; J&D Beauty Products; Chandur Hasso; Panwira; AAA Electronics
Descrição do Defeito: November 9, 1995 Release # 96-014 WASHINGTON, D.C. - CPSC and seven importers announced today the voluntary recall of approximately 28,000 electric hand-held hair dryers that do not contain an immersion protection plug, which can prevent electrocution if the dryers are dropped in water.Each year, between 15 and 20 people are electrocuted by hand-held hair dryers. Most of these deaths occurred when a hair dryer was immersed in water while the victim was bathing. About half of the electrocutions involved children under ten years old.The current voluntary industry standard requires hand-held hair dryers to provide full immersion protection when in either the "on" or "off" position. The recalled dryers do not have this protection.The following importers of electric hand-held hair dryers are participating in this voluntary recall: IMPORTER QUANTITIES/DATES SOLD Dubl Duck/Jet Set, Inc.Valley Cottage, NYBlack Jet Model 1700(914) 268-4245 2759 units distributedfrom 7/94 to 7/95 PandK Trading, Inc.Long Island City, NYNational Model EH-788(718) 784-0730/TD 5420 units distributedfrom 1990 to 12/94 Mercantile Wholesale, Inc.New York, NYTurbo Model 1000(212) 695-4114 276 units distributedfrom 8/94 to 6/95 JandD Beauty Products, Inc.Hauppauge, NY#1707 Micro Pro 1200#1708 Mini Pro 1500#1709 Pik Pro 1600(800) 523-2889 4650 units distributedfrom 8/1/94 to 2/95 Chandur HassoNew York, NYPro 1600 model(212) 268-6265 6000 units distributedfrom 4/94 to 2/95 PanwiraNew York, NYHD-200 and HD-2000 models(212) 889-3150 7536 units distributedfrom 9/94 to 9/95 AAA ElectronicsNew York, NYModel HD-868(212) 643-6686 600 units distributedfrom 10/94 to 9/95 These electric hand-held hair dryers were sold at various retail stores and beauty supply outlets. Consumers who own the brands of hair dryers listed above should call the company to receive a replacement dryer or to arrange a repair