Incense sticks

Code SIAR: 6982
Catégorie: Autre
Sources: RAPEX
Date de Publication: 20 janv., 2011
Pays Concernés: Italy
Pays d'Origine du Produit: India
Description du Produit: The articles are packaged in a rectangular cardboard box which is light and dark blue in colour with images of Buddha. The box also bears the brand name, the barcode and the words "DARSHAN Exports".
Marque du Produit: "Lord Buddha" Darshan Exports
Code du Lot / Code Barre: 8902264013340
Description du Défaut: The product poses a chemical risk because the incense sticks release 72,7 µg/m³ of benzene during combustion and 74,3 µg/m³ of benzene after combustion.

Furthermore, the product releases also 18,4 µg/m³ of toluene during combustion and 19 µg/m³ toluene after combustion.

As the product is intended for use in closed environments and not to be dispersed by ventilation, the values for benzene and toluene are to be considered harmful to health.
Risques: Chimique
Mesures: Import rejected by the customs authorities