Decorative candles-Fruit Candle

Code SIAR: 6851
Catégorie: Food-imitating products
Sources: RAPEX
Date de Publication: 09 déc., 2010
Pays Concernés: Greece
Pays d'Origine du Produit: China
Description du Produit: Food-imitating decorative candle in the shape of a yellow pear (approximate dimensions: maximum diameter 7 cm, height 8 cm). The candle is packed in a transparent cubic plastic box (approximate length of edge: 8 cm), with an internal yellow cardboard base.
Marque du Produit: Fruit Candle
Code du Lot / Code Barre: Art No. S-062/1-0400, barcode: 8 429283 104007
Description du Défaut: The product poses a risk of choking because, due to the characteristic form, appearance, colour and size, this product may be mistaken for a foodstuff (pear). This may lead children to put it in their mouth, bite it into pieces and swallow it, which could entail the risk of asphyxia or obstruction of the digestive tract.

The products do not comply with the Directive 87/357/EEC on products which, appearing to be other than they are, endanger the health or safety of consumers.
Risques: Étouffement
Mesures: Withdrawal from the market ordered by the authorities