Spotlight-Junior Bean Bag Cover

Code SIAR: 6768
Catégorie: Meubles et accessoires
Sources: Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Date de Publication: 13 déc., 2010
Pays Concernés: Australia
Pays d'Origine du Produit: Australia
Description du Produit: Bean Bag Covers in red, pink and blue
Marque du Produit: Junior Bean Bag Covers, Spotlight
Code du Lot / Code Barre: 9325448033559 (Red)
9325448033535 (Pink)
9325448033528 (Blue)
Description du Défaut: The bean bag cover is missing a warning label outlining a potential health risk to children that is required on all bean bags sold in Australia.

Lightweight beads present a severe danager to children if swallowed or inhaled.
Recommandations / Avertissements: Please return the bean bag cover to your nearest Spotlight store for a FULL REFUND.
Risques: Étouffement
Mesures: Recall from consumers by the manufacturer
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