Extension lead

Code SIAR: 6638
Catégorie: Alimentations / fournitures électriques
Sources: RAPEX
Date de Publication: 28 oct., 2010
Pays Concernés: Spain
Pays d'Origine du Produit: China
Description du Produit: 3 metre extension lead in plastic packaging.
Marque du Produit: Extension lead, Halotec
Code du Lot / Code Barre: Type/number of model: SK08103 Barcode: 8435100506435
Description du Défaut: The product poses a risk of fire because:

- a higher-power plug can be inserted at the base of the extension lead;

- the cross-sectional area of the conductors in the cable is not sufficient.

The product does not comply with the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) and the relevant national and European standards, UNE 20315 and EN-60238.
Risques: Incendie
Mesures: Import rejected by the customs authorities