KMS Tools & Equipment and BSI cyanoacrylate glues.

Code SIAR: 32116
Catégorie: Arts et Métiers
Pays Notifiant: Canada
URL de la Source:
Date de Publication: 28 juil., 2021
Pays d'Origine du Produit: États-Unis d’Amérique
Description du Produit: This recall involves various types and sizes of KMS Tools & Equipment and BSI cyanoacrylate glues in a white opaque bottle with either blue, green, purple, red, brown, teal, pink or gold coloured labels. Only cyanoacrylate glues without a child-resistant container are affected.
Période de Vente: The affected products were sold from January 2000 to July 2021
Fabricant: Bob Smith Industries
Distributeur: KMS Tools & Equipment Ltd.
British Columbia
Description du Défaut: The recalled products do not meet the child-resistant packaging requirements for quick-skin bonding adhesives required by the Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations, 2001 under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act.

This type of glue is capable of bonding skin instantly. The lack of child-resistant packaging could result in unintentional exposure to these products and lead to serious illness or injury.
Accidents Signalés: As of July 14th, 2021, the company has received no reports of incidents or injuries in Canada.
Recommandations / Avertissements: Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled products and go into any KMS location to pick up a child-resistant container at no charge.