TAHWALHI Outboard Bridle Rope

Code SIAR: 30684
Catégorie: Autre
Sources: Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Date de Publication: 19 nov., 2019
Niveau du Risque: Sérieux
Description du Produit: TAHWALHI - red/yellow outboard bridle rope

Sold as a single item (product code 581347) or as an accessory in 1 person and 2 person Tow Tube Packs (product codes 580445 and 580488).
Marque du Produit: BCF
Période de Vente: 19 September 2019 - 19 October 2019
Description du Défaut: The pulley may release suddenly during use, resulting in loss of control of person being towed and potential for rope to come into contact with the propeller.
Recommandations / Avertissements: Immediately cease using the product and return it to the closest BCF store for a replacement or refund.
Risques: Blessures et déchirures