Marklin electric toy train transformers; Marklin Mini-Club electric toy train transformers

Code SIAR: 23028
Catégorie: Jouets / Jeux
Pays Notifiant: États-Unis d’Amérique
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Date de Publication: 04 mars, 1977
Niveau du Risque: Sérieux
Fabricant: Marklin; Reeves International
Description du Défaut: Electric Toy Train Transformers Recalled by Reeves NEWS from CPSC U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Office of Information and Public Affairs Washington, DC 20207 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   March 4, 1977   Release # 77-019 CPSC Announces Toy Recall WASHINGTON, D.C. (Mar. 4) -- The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) today announced the recall of three electric toy train transformers which fail to comply with Federal regulations for electrically-operated toys and are, therefore, banned from sale. The recalled items, all distributed by Reeves International, Pequannock, New Jersey, are "Marklin Mini-Club Transformer Model #6727," "Marklin Transformer - Model #6153," and "Marklin Transformer - Model #6667." Model numbers 6727 and 6153 contain improperly soldered connections and model number 6667 fail the appropriate impact test required by the Federal Hazardous Substances Act (FHSA). No injuries associated with these toys have been reported to the Commission. All three transformers are constructed of blue plastic; model #6727 has a metal plate reading in part "Warklin Mini-Club" in red letters; model #6153 is labeled in red letters "Marklin;" and model #6667 contains a metal plate reading "Toy Transformer #6667 Marklin." Model numbers 6153 and 6667 are packaged in a blue cardboard box labeled "Warklin -- Caution Electric Toy." Model #6727 is packaged in a brown wood grain cardboard box labeled "Marklin Mini-Club." The toys were distributed nationwide to hobby and toy stores. Model #6727 retailed for $51.95, model #6153 retailed for $53.95, and model #6667 for $39.95. In total, 435 units are being recalled. Electric toys are subject to regulation under the PHSA which requires banned products to be repurchased by the manufacturer, distributor and dealer. Reeves International, in compliance with the PI-ISA regulations, is asking consumers to return the toy to the place of purchase or directly to the distributor -- Reeves International, 14 Industrial Park, Pequannock, New Jersey 07440, telephone 201/694-5006 -- for a full refund. The Commission learned of this product as the result of a nationwide electric toy survey it conducted late last year. The Commission's New York Area Office is monitoring the recall.
Risques: Choc Électrique , Risque pour la santé
Type des Mesures: Obligatoire