Amana side by side refrigerators

Code SIAR: 23015
Catégorie: Électroménager
Pays Notifiant: États-Unis d’Amérique
URL de la Source:
Date de Publication: 22 août, 1977
Niveau du Risque: Sérieux
Fabricant: Amana
Description du Défaut: Refrigerator Repaired by Amana Amana Refrigeration, Inc., Amana, Iowatoday announced voluntary corrective action program involving approximately 240,000 Amana side-by-side refrigerator/freezers manufactured between February 1969 and September 1974. Those refrigerator/freezers to be repaired are Amana model numbers SR 17, SR 19, SR 22, SR 25, SD 19, SD 22, and SD 25. The units can be further identified by checking the serial numbers on the serial plate located behind the removable black grill at the front of the refrigerator/freezer. Those serial numbers beginning with the letters S, E, B, L, A, or C are affected by this program. These refrigerator/freezers contain a hinge wire assembly in both of the doors which powers the heaters to the butter keeper and the anti-sweat device. The hinge wire may wear from frequent door openings causing contact between the bare wire and the inside of the door. There is a possibility that someone contacting or grasping both of the doors at the same time will be severely shocked. Forty-one shock incidents have been reported to the Commission. Amana is identifying and contacting owners of these refrigerator/freezers by letter in order to advise that modifications to eliminate this potential hazard should be made by the owner without delay. Until the written instructions are received consumers owning this product are advised to contact Amana through its toll-free number 800/553-6333 or write directly to Amana at: Amana Refrigeration Inc., Amana, Iowa 52204. In the event that Amana can not be reached, consumers are advised to contact the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Comnission's toll-free HOTLINE at 800/638-2772. Important Information About The Safety Of Your Side-By-Side Refrigerator Dear Amana Owner: Amana products have earned an excellent reputation for quality and safety. This comes in part through continued testing and monitoring of performance both in our plants and in the homes of our customers. However, some of the units, we have discovered, have had the wiring installed incorrectly. You may have one of these units. Excessive wear in these units can result in the electrical wires wearing out in the freezer or refrigerator door. Should this happen in either door, you may receive a severe electrical shock if you touch both door handles at the same time. The units involved were produced from February 1969 through September 1974, models beginning with the letters SR or SD. These are further identified by the letters S, E, B, L, A or C preceding the serial numbers. Our records indicate that you have one of these units. Please take the following steps at once. You should have no reluctance to perform these steps as they do not pose any hazard whatsoever. If you take these steps, you will eliminate any possibility of the shock hazard described above. In taking these steps, refer to the illustration. Disconnecting Hinge Wires 1. Remove Black Grille. 2. Unplug each plug. 3. Install Black plugs enclosed. 4. Add safety sticker to each wire. 5. Replace black grille.
Risques: Choc Électrique
Type des Mesures: Volontaire