Stahlwood Youngtimes Klick-Klack Rattle baby rattles

Code SIAR: 22597
Catégorie: Articles de puériculture et équipements pour enfants
Pays Notifiant: États-Unis d’Amérique
URL de la Source:
Date de Publication: 13 janv., 1989
Pays d'Origine du Produit: China
Fabricant: Stahlwood
Description du Défaut: January 13, 1989 Release # 89-004 Customs' Seizure Leads To Recall Of Toy Rattles WASHINGTON--Some 3,000 baby rattles imported from China being recalled voluntarily by Stahlwood Toy Manufacturing Company of Maspeth, N.Y., because spheres at both ends may break into pieces which present a potential choking hazard to young children.The U.S. Customs Service identified the potentially hazardous rattle at the Port of New York during "Operation Toyland," a joint surveillance program conducted earlier this year with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).The "Klick-Klack Rattle" is a 6 1/2-inch long, plastic barbell-shaped rattle. Five plastic rings of different colors, bearing the imprint of "Stahlwood Toy N.Y., of the rattle. Sold nationwide since 1983, the rattle was packaged in a clear plastic bag with a cardboard label stating "YOUNG TIMES KLICK-KLACK RATTLE," and "Made in China." Neither CPSC nor the manufacturer is aware of any injuries associated with this product. Consumers should immediately take the rattle away from infants and return it to the store where purchased for a refund of the full purchase price. This rattle may also be returned to Stahlwood Toy Manufacturing Company, 58-30 Grand Avenue, Maspeth, N.Y. 11378 for a full refund