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Título: 2016 ICPHSO Annual Meeting and Symposium
Resumen: The Annual Meeting and Training Symposium, International Symposium and Regional Training Worskshop: The Challenge of Change: Collaborating Today for a Safer Tomorrow."

Since 2005, ICPHSO has hosted symposiums outside of the United States in support of international dialogue on product health and safety matters. Such international symposiums to date have been held in North America (Canada), Europe (Belgium, The Netherlands and England), Asia (China, Korea) and Australia. Similar to ICPHSO’s annual symposium, the international annual symposiums attract between 200-350 participants representing a broad cross-section of organizations and economies.
País: Estados Unidos de América
Lugar: Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel
Categoría: RCSS
Fecha de inicio: 29 feb, 2016
Fecha de finalización: 03 mar, 2016