Toyota—Lexus IS250 (GSE20)—Fuel Pressure Sensor

Código SIAR: 7098
Categoría: Vehículos, partes y accesorios
Fuente: Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Fecha de Publicación: 31 ene, 2011
Descripción del Producto: Lexus IS250 (GSE20)
Marca del Producto: Lexus IS250 (GSE20), Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Limited
Número de Lote / Código de Barras: VIN Range:
JTHBK262#02060424 - JTHBK262#02093965
JTHBK262#05052880 - JTHBK262#05097364

Campaign Number: 1523A
Target Number: 4,844
Descripción del Defecto: Due to insufficient tightening of the fuel pressure sensor connected to the engine fuel delivery pipe with Nickel Phosphorus plating, there is a possibility that, over time, the pressure sensor could loosen.

Fuel could leak past a gasket used in the connection between the sensor and pipe and through the threaded portion of the sensor.
Recomendaciones / Advertencias: All owners of affected vehicles will receive a Recall Notification Letter.

Owners are advised to contact their authorised Toyota Dealership for inspection and retightening of the fuel pressure sensor, and if the fuel is leaking, replacement of the fuel pressure sensor gasket with a new one.

This will be performed at no cost to the vehicle owners.
Medidas: Voluntary corrective actions taken by the manufacturer