Kmart Australia Ltd—Girls' Dora Tops and Dora Dress, Sizes 2-6

Código SIAR: 7096
Categoría: Vestuario, textiles y artículos de moda
Fuente: Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Fecha de Publicación: 02 feb, 2011
Países Afectados: Australia
Descripción del Producto: White Dora Top
Dora Top with Purse
Spotted Dora Top
Striped Dora Dress
Marca del Producto: Girls' Dora Tops and Dora Dress, Kmart Australia Ltd
Número de Lote / Código de Barras: SN 0099430
SN 0099435
SN 0099607
SN 0099428
Descripción del Defecto: The diamantes are not sufficiently well adhered to the garments to prevent infants from being able to remove them.

Infants may be able to remove the diamantes from the garments. The detached diamantes may be ingested or inhaled by infants, causing a choking hazard.
Recomendaciones / Advertencias: Consumers should cease using the garments immediately and return them to any Kmart store for a FULL REFUND.
Riesgos: Ahogo
Medidas: Recall from consumers
Información Adicional: Supplier's web site: http://www.kmart.com.au