Refillable lighter

Código SIAR: 7047
Categoría: Encendedores y cigarrillos electrónicos
Fuente: RAPEX
Fecha de Publicación: 27 ene, 2011
Países Afectados: Grecia
País de Origen del Producto: China
Descripción del Producto: Refillable, electronic plastic lighter in cylindrical shape, with a transparent tank in green or red colour and a silver top and base (approx. dimensions: diameter 2.2 cm, height 7 cm). The products are packed in a purple cardboard box (25 items), with a picture of a girl holding a cigarette and instructions for use and warnings in Bulgarian, English and Italian (approx. dimensions: 12.5x12.5x7 cm).
Marca del Producto: BENTO
Número de Lote / Código de Barras: Type: COLLI 50
Descripción del Defecto: The product poses a risk of burns and fire because it does not have a child-resistant mechanism.

According to Commission Decision 2006/502/EC, Member States shall ensure that only lighters which are child-resistant are placed on the market.
Riesgos: Fuego/Incendio, Quemaduras
Medidas: Withdrawal from the market ordered by the authorities