LCD Monitor - 7" TFT Color LCD Monitor

SIAR Code: 6787
Category: Communication and media equipment
Source: RAPEX
Source URL:
Publication Date: Dec 16, 2010
Affected Countries: Finland
Product Origin Country: China
Product Description: 7" LCD monitor supplied with mains power supply (model number PA005A-12004GE). Packaged in a cardboard box.
Product Brand: Super
Type / Number Model: Type/number of model: PL7003.
Defect Description: The product poses a risk of electric shock because the clearance and creepage distances in the mains transformer primary and secondary windings of the power supply unit are not sufficient.

Due to this defect, the user can easily get a fatal electric shock from accessible parts of the power supply unit in a case of a fault in the device.

The product does not comply with the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) and the relevant European standard EN60950.
Risks: Electric shock
Measures: Recall from the consumers ordered by the authorities