Wine Barrel Chandeliers

SIAR Code: 31180
Notifying Country: United States of America
Source URL:
Publication Date: Nov 25, 2020
Product Origin Country: Poland, India
Units: About 7,800 (In addition, about 600 were sold in Canada)
Distributor: RH galleries nationwide and online at from April 2009 through July 2018 and at RH outlets nationwide from October 2009 through March 2020 for between $80 and $3,500.
Defect Description: This recall involves RH Wine Barrel Chandeliers that consist of oak wine barrel staves and hoops and 5, 6, 8 or 12 "arms" with sockets for E12 candelabra bulbs or 6 "arms" for battery-operated flameless votives. The chandeliers were sold in a brown and polished nickel color in five styles under the following SKU numbers. SKU information is printed on the top of the unit and on the receipt. SKU Numbers- Gallery and Online Sales SKU Numbers- Outlet Sales Style 68060544BRN, 68060544PN, 68060146BRN, 68060146PN, 68060554BRN, 68060554PN 68060544, 68060545, 68060146, 68060433, 68060554, 68060555 5-arm chandelier 68060546BRN, 68060546PN, 68060091BRN, 68060091PN, 68060166BRN 68060546,68060547, 68060091, 68060431 68060166 6-arm chandelier 68060225BRN, 68060107BRN, 68060107PN, 68060548PN, 68060167BRN, 68060558PN 68060432, 68060225 68060107, 68060167 68060549, 68060559 8-arm chandelier 68060552BRN, 68060168BRN, 68060168PN 68060552, 68060168 68290712 12-arm chandelier 31020090BRN 31020090 Garden/Outdoor (6-arm flameless votives) chandelier
Accidents Reported: RH has received 14 reports of hanging hardware components breaking, including 11 reports of the chandelier falling. No injuries have been reported.
Recommendations / Warnings: Consumers should prevent people from going into the immediate area underneath the chandelier. Contact RH to schedule a free in-home repair or replacement depending on chandelier hardware type. The firm is notifying all known purchasers directly.
Additional Information: RH toll-free at 833-786-0028 from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. PT Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT Saturday and Sunday, email or online at and click on “Safety Recalls” at the bottom of the page.