SONOMA Goods For Life branded three-wick candles

SIAR Code: 31171
Notifying Country: United States of America
Source URL:
Publication Date: Nov 10, 2020
Product Origin Country: China
Units: About 512,000
Distributor: Kohl’s stores nationwide and online at from December 2019 through October 2020 for about $20.
Defect Description: This recall involves SONOMA Goods For Life three-wick candles in the following models and scents: Model Fragrance Style Number UPC Date Code GROW Cape Jasmine 01SNGDD01 400681131954 10/19 HOME SWEET HOME White Lotus & Lilac 01SNGDD03 400292653180 10/19 SAIL AWAY Sunday Funday 01SNGDD04 400189096090 10/19 LIVE SIMPLY Mango Margarita 01SNGDD06 400304678057 10/19 BE HAPPY Honeydew Raspberry Sangria 01SNGDD07 400551335093 10/19 HELLO WORLD Pineapple Sugar 01SNGDD09 400681131985 10/19 DREAM Coconut Mahogany 01SNGDD13 400660700553 10/19 EXPLORE Cactus Rose Bloom 01SNGDD17 400292653210 10/19 I Woof You Rhubarb Berry Lemonade 01CTDVD25 400553244546 10/19 BLESSED Baked Apple 03SNGDD01A 400620031802 06/20 THANKFUL Falling Leaves 03SNGDD02A 400177580198 06/20 GRATEFUL Pumpkin Spice 03SNGDD03A 400757488494 06/20 HELLO FALL Pumpkin Spice 03SNGDD04 400624369253 06/20 MAKE TODAY Autumn Hayride 03SNGDD06 400709373526 06/20 MAKE LIFE Caramel Toffee 03SNGDD07B 400620031826 06/20 HAPPY DAY Crackling Cedarwood 03SNGDD08B 400177581027 06/20 THINK BE HAPPY Fall in Love 03SNGDD10 400337146257 06/20 ENJOY Vanilla Pumpkin Latte 03SNGDD11 400709374738 06/20 LIVE SIMPLY Caramel Toffee 03SNGDD12 400757490077 06/20 BE COZY Falling Leaves 03SNGDD13 400177580730 06/20 OUR HOME Pumpkin Spice 03SNGDD15 400496811737 06/20 PEACE Cozy Fireside 04SNGDD01 400692896828 08/20 MERRY Enchanted Forest 04SNGDD03 400467677928 08/20 MERRY & BRIGHT Gingerbread House 04SNGDD05 400189021672 08/20 BE COZY Sugar & Spice 04SNGDD11 400623348556 08/20 SNOWMEN Cocoa & Marshmallows 04SNGDD13 400640603041 08/20 ALL BE MERRY Balsam Fir 04SNGDD15 400610253177 08/20 TIS THE SEASON Holiday Cookies 04SNGDD17 400757426557 08/20 PINK CITY Spiced Holly Berry 04SNGDD21 400640603058 08/20 OH WHAT FUN Holiday Cookies 04SNGDD24 400757426564 08/20 The candles come in glass containers with metal lids. The model is the design/language on the exterior of the glass container. The fragrance, style number, UPC and date code are contained on the label on the bottom of the glass container.
Accidents Reported: Kohl’s has received 29 reports involving high flames and/or breaking glass containers with the three-wick candles, including five incidents resulting in minor burn injuries and six incidents involving minor property damage including burn marks on furniture, carpet, and/or countertops.
Recommendations / Warnings: Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled candles and return them to the nearest Kohl’s store. Consumers with a receipt will receive a full refund and consumers without a receipt will receive a store credit.
Additional Information: Kohl’s toll-free at 855-564-5755 from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. CT Monday through Saturday or online at and click on “Recalls” on the bottom of the page for more information.