Magnet Balls Magic Beads

SIAR Code: 30700
Category: Toys/Games
Source: Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Publication Date: Nov 22, 2019
Risk Level: Serious
Product Description: 4mm and 5mm Magnetic Cube 216pcs Per Cube
Product Brand: eBay Sellers happylife-102 and awell-jie
Period Sold: 1 September 2019 - 30 September 2019
Defect Description: This product contains small, high-powered magnets. The product exceeds the maximum allowable magnetic flux index set by the permanent ban on certain small, high powered magnets, prescribed in Consumer Protection Notice No 5 of 2012 'Imposition of permanent ban on small, high powered magnets'.
Recommendations / Warnings: Consumers should immediately cease using the product and return to eBay sellers happylife-102 or awell-jie for a full refund.
Risks: Choking, Injuries and Laceration