Wards' Powr-Kraft six-inch bench grinders

SIAR Code: 22951
Category: Hand and Power Tools /Equipment
Notifying Country: United States of America
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Publication Date: Mar 09, 1979
Manufacturer: McGraw Edison; Montgomery Ward
Defect Description: March 9, 1979 Release # 79-011 Bench Grinders To Be Repaired WASHINGTON, D. C. (March 9) -- Montgomery Ward and Co., in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), today announced that it is continuing a voluntary repair program to correct a potential shock hazard in certain Wards' Powr-Kraft model TGB-5102A six-inch bench grinders. This additional notice of the voluntary repair program is being issued in hopes of receiving a better consumer response. The program was first announced by the manufacturer, McGraw-Edison Co., on August 29, 1978. A protective sleeve that insulates an electric lead wire may wear through on some units if in contact with the motor shaft. Severe shock could result if the bench grinder is not properly grounded and the user is grounded or is touching a grounded metal object such as a water pipe. The repair program applies only to Powr-Kraft model TGB-5102A grinders with a "77F" date code embossed on the nameplate and to certain units with the same model number that were purchased after June 1973, but show no date code. Units with the "77F" date code that bear an orange inspection sticker on either the unit or its packing carton have already been inspected and are not subject to this repair program. The grinder should not be used until it has been inspected and reworked. For instructions on having the units checked and repaired free-of-charge, owners of the grinders should write to: Bench Grinder Repair Program, C/O National Service Manager, Portable Appliance and Tool Group, McGraw-Edison Co., 2nd and Vine Sts., Boonville, MO. 65233. To verify the model number, consumers may contact CPSC's toll-free Hotline at 800/638-2772