BCI Burke animal swings; Blue Valley animal swings; Game Time animal swings; Miracle animal swings; PCA animal swings; Playworld animal swings; Quality animal swings

SIAR Code: 22090
Category: Toys/Games
Notifying Country: United States of America
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Publication Date: Jan 12, 1995
Manufacturer: BCI Burke; Blue Valley Industries; Game-Time; Miracle Recreation Equipment; PCA; Playworld Systems; Quality Industries
Defect Description: January 12, 1995 Release # 95-059 Washington, D.C. CPSC and a group of seven playground equipment manufacturers together have launched an effort to get potentially dangerous, heavy metal and molded plastic "animal" swings removed from playgrounds. The swings, which were installed from 1951 to 1991, were involved in the 1985 death of a 2-year-old in California and the 1994 death of a 6-year-old in Pennsylvania. These children were struck on the head as they walked near the swings.CPSC also has reports of 42 children who suffered head injuries after being struck by these swings. The injuries included skull fractures, concussion and brain damage, serious lacerations and contusions, and one child who lost sight in an eye.About 10,000 of the 30 to 80-pound swings were installed at parks, schools, and daycare centers nationwide. An undetermined number are still in use. The swings, which are made of cast aluminum or molded plastic, are painted to look like horses, zebras, pelicans, ducks, turtles, seals, rockets, and other figures. They were manufactured by BCI Burke, Blue Valley Industries, Game Time, Miracle Recreation Equipment Company, PCA, Playworld Systems, Quality Industries, and a number of companies that are no longer in business. BCI Burke's lightweight "Hobby Horse" swings are not included in this removal effort.The following seven manufacturers of the heavy animal swings are each offering incentive plans to parks, schools and daycare centers to replace the swings: BCI Burke, Fond du Lac, Wis. 800-356-2070 Blue Valley Industries, Mexico, Penn. 717-436-8266 Game Time, Fort Payne, Ala. 800-377-2561 Miracle Recreation Equipment Company, Monett, Mo. 800-523-4202 PCA, St. Louis, Mo. 800-727-8180 Playworld Systems, New Berlin, Penn. 800-233-8404 Quality Industries, Hillsdale, Mich. 800-766-9458 Consumers who know of playgrounds with these animal swings should call their local school boards or park offices and the swing manufacturers for immediate removal of the swings.The National School Supply and Equipment Association (NSSEA) is assisting CPSC and the seven manufacturers in this effort. Together, they will contact school boards, parks, and daycare centers across the country to urge immediate removal of these animal swings