ASKO dishwashers

Código SIAR: 29852
País Notificante: Estados Unidos de América
URL de la Fuente: https://www.cpsc.gov/Recalls/2019/ASKO-Recalls-Dishwashers-Due-to-Fire-Hazard
Fecha de Publicación: 26 sep, 2019
País de Origen del Producto: Eslovenia
Unidades: About 26,600 (in addition, about 4,300 were sold in Canada)
Fabricante: Gorenje Group, of Slovenia
Distribuidor: Exclusively at ASKO North America authorized dealers nationwide from October 2016 through July 2019 for between $1,000 and $2,200.
Descripción del Defecto: This recall involves ASKO dishwashers with the serial numbers listed below. The recalled dishwashers come in stainless steel with customizable doors and handles, and each is about 24 inches wide, 22 inches deep and between 32 and 35 inches tall. ASKO is printed in the front and in the center on the top dish rack. The following model and serial numbers are printed on the inside the inside on the left side of the dishwasher door opening: Model Number Serial Number Range D5426XLS 49130164130001 through 49130171830050 D5526XLFI 49130464130001 through 49130480530127 D5526XXLFI 49130564130143 through 49130573530207 D5436XLS 49223164130001 through 49223173531000 D5536XLFI 49256564130001 through 49256572730426 D5536XXLFI 49256664230001 through 49256695030114 D5536XXLFISOF 49256764230001 through 49256772830024 D5636XLHS/TH 49256864130001 through 49256872430334 D5636XLHS/PH 49256964130001 through 49256971230025 D5636XXLHS/TH 49257064130001 through 49257073430220 D5636XXLHS/PH 49257164130106 through 49257184230232 D5636XXLSHI 49261264130001 through 49261273438338 D5556XXLFI 49263264230001 through 49263273930290 D5656XXLHS/TH 49263364630001 through 49263372830060 Model Number Serial Number Range
Accidentes Reportados: ASKO North America has received 53 reports of the power cord overheating. No property damage has been reported. No injuries have been reported.
Recomendaciones / Advertencias: Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled dishwashers, turn off power to the dishwasher at the circuit board and contact ASKO to schedule a free, in-home repair.
Información Adicional: ASKO North America toll-free at 888-651-9376 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT Monday through Friday, email at NAsupport@asko.com, or online at www.askona.com and click “Customer Care,” then “Safety Notices” for more information.