U.S. Divers Aquarius scuba regulators; U.S. Divers Calypso IV scuba regulators; U.S. Divers Calypso J scuba regulators; U.S. Divers Conshelf Supreme scuba regulators; U.S. Divers Conshelf XII scuba regulators; U.S. Divers Hookah scuba regulators; U.S...

Código SIAR: 23006
Categoría: Hobby /Equipo recreacional y de deportes
País Notificante: Estados Unidos de América
URL de la Fuente: http://www.cpsc.gov/en/Recalls/1977/Scuba-Equipment-Recalled
Fecha de Publicación: 09 dic, 1977
Fabricante: U.S. Divers
Descripción del Defecto: December 9, 1977 Release # 77-122 WASHINGTON, DC (Dec. 9) -- U.S. Divers Co., Santa Ana, California, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), today announced a voluntary recall of all of its scuba regulators sold after December 1, 1976. A very substantial number of regulators is involved. The regulators were distributed nationwide. The recalled regulators may have a potentially defective clamp ring which may cause unseating of the second stage regulator diaphram. The second stage is that portion of the regulator which the diver holds in his mouth. The unseating of this diaphram could result in the regulator being flooded with water and the air flow to the diver being cut off. The recalled scuba regulators were sold under the name of U.S. Divers and/ or the following model names: Conshelf XII; Conshelf Supreme; Calypso J; Calypso IV; Aquarius; Octopus; and Hookah. The model name and/or-U.S. Divers appears on the product on the purge button. Consumers are warned to immediately stop using these regulators. Consumers should return them to an authorized U.S. Divers dealer for free replacement of the clamp ring. Consumers who require additional information should contact U.S. Divers Co., Customer Service Department, 3323 West Warner Avenue, Santa Ana, California 92702 (714/540-8010)