Gerry Carryfree portable baby strollers; Sears Stroll N Fold portable baby strollers

Código SIAR: 23005
Categoría: Artículos de puericultura y equipo para niños
País Notificante: Estados Unidos de América
URL de la Fuente: http://www.cpsc.gov/en/Recalls/1977/Repair-Of-Defective-Baby-Strollers-Announced
Fecha de Publicación: 16 dic, 1977
Fabricante: Gerico; Sears
Descripción del Defecto: December 16, 1977 Release # 77-124 WASHINGTON, D.C. (Dec. 16) -- Gerico Inc., Boulder, Colorado, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) today announced a voluntary repair program affecting 40,000 potentially defective portable baby strollers. "Gerry Carryfree," model numbers 0-95, 0-99, 0-100, 0-110, and "Sears 'Stroll 'N Fold,' " model number 36443, both manufactured by Gerico may have defective locking devices which could cause the stroller to collapse forward on the child. No injuries have been reported. The potentially defective strollers, all manufactured during a 46-day period between January 10, 1977 and February 25, 1977, can be identified by a 4-digit code number running from 7010 through 7056, stamped on the strap located beneath the stroller seat. The strollers retailed for about $25 each and were sold at Sears and other stores throughout the country. Consumers who have one of these strollers should contact the store where it was purchased or the company, Gerico Inc., P.O. Box 998, Boulder, Colorado 80306. A repair kit will then be provided free-of-charge