Mattel Colonial Viper, Scarab, Stellar Probe; Cylon Raider Battlestar Galactica space vehicles

Código SIAR: 22958
Categoría: Juegos/juguetes
País Notificante: Estados Unidos de América
URL de la Fuente: http://www.cpsc.gov/en/Recalls/1978/Mattel-Puts-Safety-Labels-On-Toys
Fecha de Publicación: 08 dic, 1978
Fabricante: Mattel
Descripción del Defecto: December 8, 1978 Release # 78-102 Mattel Puts Safety Labels On Toys WASHINGTON, D.C. (Dec. 8) -- Mattel, Inc., Hawthorne, California, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) today announced that it has initiated a voluntary program of attaching labels on warehouse inventories of certain of its Battlestar Galactica line of space toys. The label states: "Caution: Do Not Point Or Fire Red Missiles Into Mouth Or Toward Face." The small red missiles are sold with Mattel's "Colonial Viper" (No. 25311, "Colonial Scarab" (No. 25341, "Colonial Stellar Probe" (No. 2533), and "Cylon Raider" (No. 2532) space vehicles and each is equipped to launch the missiles. Mattel emphasizes that the products meet or exceed all existing and proposed product safety standards. The action is being taken in response to reports of three accidents involving the products. In each case, a child swallowed or aspirated a red missile, received medical treatment and was released. Mattel and the Consumer Product Safety Commission remind parents that small pieces are found in many manufacturers' toys and games intended for older children. Parents should caution children against putting small objects of any type in their mouths even in fun and should insure that small pieces from older children's toys are kept away from younger brothers and sisters. For further information, consumers may call Mattel toll-free on 800/421-2826; California residents call collect to 213/644-2752. Letters may be addressed to Mattel, Inc. at 5150 Rosecrans Avenue, Hawthorne, California 90250