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Title: Newsletter (02/2014)
Summary: Consumer Safety and Health Network welcomes World Consumer Rights Day

Since its establishment by the United Nations in 1983, the World Consumer Rights Day is commemorated every March 15 in order to celebrate the rights of all consumers around the world. On the occasion of this important day, the Consumer Safety and Health Network (CSHN), joins celebrations of consumers, as well as of agencies and institutions all over the world that safeguard their rights, particularly those that guarantee safe consumption, promoting consumers’ health and welfare.

Consumer Safety and Health Network members present during ICPHSO World Conference

Authorities of member countries of the Consumer Safety and Health Network (CSHN) represented the region in the annual training symposium of the International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization (ICPHSO).

Chile advances in promoting Consumer Safety and Health with Consumption Safety Manual

The National Consumer Service of Chile (SERNAC) recently published a Consumption Safety Manual, through which it seeks to present to consumers in a simple and educational manner the key aspects of their right to safety during consumption, as well as the responsibilities this involves.

Delegated organs of INMETRO create guidelines to strengthen the CSHN Brazil in all the states of the country

On February 17, leaders and members of the delegated organs of the National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (INMETRO) participated in the meeting “Consumer Safety and Health Network in Debate” where 18 of the 26 states of Brazil were represented. The meeting was held in Salvador city, Brazil, and had, as its main objective, to create a framework for the participation of state organs in the conformation of local Consumer Safety and Health Networks and to define general guidelines on how these should be designed and operated, so that all of them follow the same guidelines and concepts. These general guidelines will be followed even by the authorities from states in which the networks have not been created yet for some reason.

First virtual meeting of the CSHN Steering Committee

On February 19, the first meeting of the CSHN Interim Steering Committee was held. It was convened and chaired by the National Institute for the Defense of Competition and Protection of Intellectual Property of Peru (INDECOPI), in its capacity as President, and had the participation of all its members. Additionally, the Secretariat for Legal Affairs and the Department of Information and Technology Services (DOITS) of the OAS participated in their capacity as CSHN Technical Secretariat, as well as officials from the Pan American Health Organization.
Publication Date: Feb 01, 2014