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Title: Newsletter (06/2014)
Summary: Consumer Safety and Health Network Regional Workshop on SIAR and Risk Assessment

The OAS Member States are working hard in the construction of an Inter-American Rapid Alerts System
(SIAR for its name in Spanish). As part of that process, a regional workshop on risk assessment will be held from July 21st to July 23rd, 2014 at the OAS in Washington, D.C. The program is divided in two sections: workshop on risk assessment and discussion on SIAR.

International Awareness Week on Button Battery Safety

From June 16th to June 20th, 2014, the OECD led the International Awareness Week on Button Battery Safety. With the support of the OAS and the participation of countries from all over the world, including Brazil, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Peru and the USA, the campaign aimed to raise worldwide awareness on the risk and dangers posed by this battery present in a variety of products. The risks associated with button batteries were also addressed in Brussels on June 17, 2014 during International Product Safety Week.

Brazilian Local Agencies train their officials in Consumer Safety and Health

The National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (INMETRO), through the Office of Weights and Measures of Mato Grosso (MT-IPEM), held on June 9th, 2014 the training of 15 professionals from various departments of the State Consumer Protection Agency and the Emergency Response Department of Cuiabá.

OAS invited to present in Brussels about Consumer Safety and Health Network

The OAS presented in Brussels on June 19th, 2014 at the Seminar on Joint International Market Surveillance Activities, organized by the Product Safety Enforcement Forum of Europe (PROSAFE), along various other well recognized national consumer safety agencies and international organizations. The Organization of American States was invited by PROSAFE to discuss, during the International Product Safety Week, the work of the Consumer Safety and Health Network (CSHN).

OAS meets with Catalan Consumer Agency

The Consumer Safety and Health Network (CSHN) of the member states of the OAS has a strong relationship of support and cooperation with the Catalan Consumer Agency (ACC). The ACC has actively participated in the development of the CSHN sharing its own experience in this field and providing financial support for four graduate courses in consumer product safety taught by the Pompeu Fabra University.
Publication Date: Jun 01, 2014