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Title: Newsletter (12/2013)
Summary: International Seminar on Market Recall Practices for Defective Products

The seminar brought together more than 30 international experts from OAS member states, as well as senior executives from various international organizations, to exchange experiences and establish a dialogue on practices that promote consumer protection through the study of particular cases of market recalls for defective toys and children's products.

Consumer Protection Agencies in Ibero America Reaffirm Commitment to Consumer Safety

The Ibero American Forum of Consumer Protection Government Agencies (FIAGC) reaffirmed its support for the Consumer Safety and Health Network (CSHN) for its consolidation as a specialized regional forum on consumer product safety and as a fundamental support for the advancement of the promotion of the subject at the national level.

Consumer Safety and Health Network Report Presented to the OAS

The Members of the Consumer Safety and Health Network Interim Steering Committee presented a progress report on the implementation of OAS General Assembly resolution AG/RES. 2769 (XLIII-O/13) to the OAS Permanent Council’s General Committee on December 9, 2013.

Colombia Launches Consumer Safety Link

With the objective of disclosing relevant information to consumers, businesses and other stakeholders interested in the matter, the Deputy Superintendence for Consumer Protection of Colombia has launched a "Consumer Safety" link within the Website of the Superintendence for Industry and Commerce.
Publication Date: Dec 01, 2013