Naphthalene moth balls - Jolly Plus

SIAR Code: 6819
Category: Food-imitating products
Source: RAPEX
Source URL:
Publication Date: Dec 16, 2010
Affected Countries: Bulgaria
Product Origin Country: Italy
Product Description: Naphthalene moth balls which look like white, round sweets. They are sold in coloured plastic packaging on which there are some inscriptions in a foreign language: Jolly plus, ANTITARMICO PROFUMATO, Per armadi e cassetti, 4 MESI DI EFFICACIA Non macchia, 100g.
Product Brand: Relevi
Type / Number Model: Barcode: 8 002 100 234066
Defect Description: The product poses a chemical risk and a risk of choking because the naphthalene is attractive to children due to its appearance. If it is swallowed, it may lead to choking and suffocation and the contact with naphthalene may cause irritation, burning and poisoning.

The product does not comply with the Directive 87/357/EEC on products which, appearing to be other than they are, endanger the health or safety of consumers.
Risks: Choking, Chemical
Measures: Withdrawal from the market ordered by the authorities