Passenger car-V60, V70, XC70, S80, XC90

SIAR Code: 6639
Category: Motor Vehicles, Parts & Accessories
Source: RAPEX
Publication Date: Oct 28, 2010
Affected Countries: Ireland
Product Origin Country: Sweden
Product Description: Passenger car
Product Brand: V60, V70, XC70, S80, XC90, Volvo
Batch Number / Bar Code: Type/number of model:

V60 - e9*2007/46*0023*02

V70 - e9*2001/116*0065*10

XC70 - e9*2001/116*0065*10

S80 - e4*2001/116*0057*14

XC90 - e9*2001/116*0046*22
Defect Description: The product poses a risk of injuries because the standard wheel bolts (the locking wheel bolts are not affected) may corrode leading to noise and/or vibration, and, if left, to a wheel becoming loose.
Risks: Injuries and Laceration
Measures: Voluntary corrective actions taken by the manufacturer