Ouya Huyan Power Supply (Power Board) Model 0Y-AT04K

SIAR Code: 30677
Category: Electrical Supplies
Source: Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Publication Date: Nov 14, 2019
Risk Level: Serious
Product Description: Ouya Huyan Power Supply (Power Board)
Model 0Y-AT04K
10A Rated Current / 240V Rated Voltage
2200 Watt Maximum Power
4 Way Energy Saving
Product Brand: Sedy Discount Warehouse
Period Sold: 1 February 2018 - 14 September 2019
Defect Description: The plastic on the product does not meet the required electrical safety standards.
Recommendations / Warnings: Consumers should immediately cease using the product and return to Sedy Discount Warehouse for a full refund.
Risks: Electric shock