Natural Baby Rattle

SIAR Code: 30672
Category: Childcare articles and children’s equipment
Source: Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Publication Date: Nov 12, 2019
Risk Level: Serious
Affected Countries: Australia
Product Description: A natural wooden DIY rattle with wooden rings

Material: natural beech wood
Size: 12.5 cm in length
Product Brand: Global Gumnuts and Nursery
Period Sold: 30 October 2018 - 22 October 2019
Defect Description: The rattle dimensions are smaller than the permitted dimensions specified in the mandatory standard 'Consumer Protection Notice No. 14 of 2003 — Consumer Product Safety Standard: Toys for children up to and including 36 months of age'.
Recommendations / Warnings: Consumers should immediately cease using the rattle and contact Global Gumnuts and Nursery for a replacement product.
Risks: Asphyxiation/Suffocation , Choking