Ellipse Heavy Duty Bariatric Rollator

SIAR Code: 30656
Category: Other
Source: Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Publication Date: Nov 05, 2019
Risk Level: Serious
Product Description: Ellipse Heavy Duty Bariatric Rollator
A four-wheeled walker to assist people with mobility restrictions

Batch Numbers: 201711601 – 2017110797 and 2018113001 - 2018113100

ARTG 276246
(Peak Care Equipment Pty Ltd - Walking aid, two arms, frame, wheeled)
Product Brand: Peak Care Equipment Pty Ltd
Type / Number Model: 9346376000765
Defect Description: The thread sleeve that the backrest knob screws into can become loose if over tightened, this could cause the backrest to come off.
Recommendations / Warnings: Stop using the product immediately. Contact your supplier of the Ellipse Heavy Duty Bariatric Rollator to arrange for replacement of the backrest.
Risks: Injuries and Laceration