Amico Carry Bar Model CB‐GO‐LIFT‐REG‐1HK

SIAR Code: 30207
Category: Motor Vehicles, Parts & Accessories
Source: Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Source URL:
Publication Date: Oct 28, 2019
Risk Level: Serious
Affected Countries: Australia
Product Description: Amico GoLift Carry Bar

Serial Numbers: CB-9541, CB-9539, CB-9538, CB-9537, CB-9536, CB-9511, CB-9488, CB-9480, CB-9479, CB-9468, CB-9467, CB-9463, CB-9462, CB-9461, CB-9460, CB-9458, CB-9457, CB-9456, CB-9455, CB-9454, CB-9443, CB-9442, CB-9439
ARTG 300589

Rehab Assist Pty Ltd - GoLift - Lift, patient transfer
Product Brand: Rehab Assist
Period Sold: 8 May 2018 - 10 October 2019
Defect Description: The swivel pin may separate from the carry bar, this could result in a person falling.

A batch of carry bars were manufactured using a black oxide screw, which maybe oily, preventing the Loctite from adhering to the swivel pin assembly.
Recommendations / Warnings: Rehab Assist is requesting consumers inspect their carry bars: if the swivel pin is exposed by 1/16” (approximately 1.5mm) and there is play in the swivel pin assembly, immediately stop using the carry bar. If consumers identify this issue they should contact Rehab Assist who will replace all carrier bars from the impacted batch.
Risks: Injuries and Laceration