Isuzu FRR 90 and FSR 90 Series Trucks MY2016

SIAR Code: 30206
Category: Motor Vehicles, Parts & Accessories
Source: Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Source URL:
Publication Date: Oct 25, 2019
Affected Countries: Australia
Product Description: Isuzu FRR 90 and FSR 90 Series Trucks
Model Year 2016

1 930 affected vehicles
Product Brand: Isuzu Australia Limited
Period Sold: 1 December 2015 - 31 July 2018
Defect Description: The bellows of the exhaust flex pipe (installed between the engine and diesel particulate diffuser filter) may rub on the exhaust flex pipe, causing a hole. This may cause an exhaust gas leak.
Recommendations / Warnings: Owners should contact their nearest Isuzu Truck dealer to arrange for Exhaust Flex Pipe B to be replaced.