BMW Motorcycles G 310 & C 400 MY2017-2019

SIAR Code: 30160
Category: Motor Vehicles, Parts & Accessories
Source: Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Source URL:
Publication Date: Oct 03, 2019
Risk Level: Other
Affected Countries: Australia
Product Description: BMW motorcycles
G 310 GS (K02)
G 310 R (K03)
C 400 GT (K08)
C 400 X (K09)

Model Years 2017-2019

573 affected motorcycles
Product Brand: BMW Australia
Period Sold: 10 February 2017 - 19 September 2019
Defect Description: Due to road treatment conditions, such as aggressive salt types or significant usage, surface corrosion could occur within the un-anodised brake caliper piston bore.
Recommendations / Warnings: Consumers may contact an authorised BMW Service Centre or call the BMW Group Customer Interaction Centre on 1800 813 299 to arrange a repair.
Risks: Injuries and Laceration