Baby Walker (Green)

SIAR Code: 30159
Category: Childcare articles and children’s equipment
Source: Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Source URL:
Publication Date: Oct 03, 2019
Risk Level: Other
Affected Countries: Australia
Product Description: Baby walker (green)
Suitable for children aged 7-15 months
Product Brand: HB Commerce
Period Sold: 1 September 2017 - 23 July 2019
Type / Number Model:
SKU 10041
Defect Description: The baby walker does not comply with the labelling requirements of the mandatory standard 'Competition and Consumer Act 2010 - Consumer Protection Notice No. 1 of 2013 - Safety Standard: Baby Walkers'.

The baby walker does not have the required warning statements.
Recommendations / Warnings: Consumers will be contacted by HB Commerce to arrange for a new warning label and instruction manual to replace the warning labels currently on the baby walker.
Risks: Injuries and Laceration