Title: OAS-FIRST Cybersecurity Technical Colloquium
Summary: From Tuesday September 29th to October 1st the event will facilitate discussions on Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTS), Law Enforcement, and Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP). Particular attention will also be paid to the facilitative and leadership role to be adopted by Governments in this context while considering best practices, appropriate infrastructure and relevant policies, legislation and regulations. During the last day of the event, Friday, October 2nd, the OAS Cyber Security Program will hold a plenary session along with SEGURINFO to launch the Cyber Security Awareness Month. The event will focus on a discussion on the role of industries, nonprofits, and academia in raising awareness about cyber security matters among society and fostering a cybersecurity culture.
Country: United States of America
Venue: Webcast:
Start Date: Sep 29, 2015
End Date: Nov 01, 2015
Documents: Download (Agenda OAS-FIRST Cybersecurity TC.pdf)
Download (Boletin Informativo SPA.pdf)
Download (InfoBulletin ENG.pdf)
Download (Sep_29-Gweb_Beauchemin-Delivering Canadas Cyber security strategy.pdf)
Download (Sep_29-Matthew_Noyes-Modern Transnational Cyber Threats.pdf)
Download (Sep_30-David_Van-role of regional and international organizations.pdf)
Download (Sep_30-Jeimy_Cano-APAV Anatomy.pdf)
Download (Sep_30-Klaid_magi-day to day operations in CERT Estonia.pdf)
Download (Sep_30-Oliver gonzalez-Cert and Law enforcement.pdf)
Download (Sep_30-Patrick_Cain-Defining and marking data.pdf)
Download (Sep_30-Sean_Fouche-role of regional and international organizations.pdf)
Download (Sep_30-Kelvin Coleman-c3 Voluntary Program and Industry Partnership Efforts.pdf)
Download (Sep_30-Michael_Chaney-ICS-CERT How we can help.pdf)
Download (Oct_01-Eduardo Carozo-SCADA Systems Security and Safety Recommendations.pdf)
Download (Oct_01-Gonzalo_Romero- Collaboration Efforts.pdf)
Download (Oct_01-Jack_Johnson-The Next Generation of Social Engineering.pdf)
Download (Oct_01-Gwen_Beauchemin-lessons_learned.pdf)
Download (Oct_01-Omar-cruz-Large-Scale Cyber Breaches Targeting Privacy Information.pdf)
Download (Oct_01-Tom_Millar-TLP_Minutes to learn.pdf)
Download (Oct_01-Raul_alvarez-Defense Mechanism of a banking malware.pdf)
Download (Oct_01-Warren_William-Cybersecurity Readiness.pdf)
Download (OCT2-Jose_Sierra-Cyber Security strategies.pdf)
Download (Sep_30-Fernando_nikitin-role of regional and international organizations.pdf)
Download (Sep_30-Giovanni Cruz-Approaching a methodology to assess security.pdf)